What is AlltoBill?

AlltoBill puts credit card acceptance in place at any business and individual. With our Alltobill we aim to close the gap by facilitating credit card holders to pay institutes, businesses and individuals, who till this day, are not in the position to accept credit cards as an valid payment method.

The idea behind AlltoBill originated from our CEO, who saw how inefficiently organisations managed small spend. Seeing how high the administration costs were, to pay small amounts of money, he knew there had to be a better way.

AlltoBill´s search for the best tool, let to credit cards. Credit cards are an already common mean of paying for goods and services in (web)shops. Paying bills or individuals is however a different story as most companies, institutes and people don’t accept credit cards as a valid way of payment. AlltoBill aims to change that by offering our “send money” and “request money” services.

We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to make and receive payments. The criteria? “Within a few clicks”.

AlltoBill is an international payment service and continuous to grow through an increasing group of awesome and loyal customers.

Founded in Switzerland, we are a fin-tech company dedicated to providing you with a solid solution to paying your incoming bills.

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What is the vision of AlltoBill?

We are committed to provide people with total freedom of payment by building long lasting connections between consumers and organisations worldwide via our payment service.

We want to conquer the world of payments step-by-step, country-by-country.

What is the mission?

We want to enable our customers to expand their payment possibilities through corporate or personal credit card usage. We want AlltoBill to grow with our customers and make it the new standard for handling invoices.

Markus Kling is a Swiss born finance expert with strong experience in process optimization accounts payable departments. Having a strong understanding of the financial side of things, it was a logical step to develop AlltoBill. Markus’ drive and passion for crunching numbers has resulted in the easy to use tool we have today. Markus is CFO and head of programming within AlltoBill, where he leads our development team into the next era of online payments.

Robbert has always had an open mindset where nothing was impossible.

Born in the Netherlands, he has lived and worked in various countries in Europe and Asia. Having seen firsthand how businesses struggled with paying bills on time, he knew that there had to be a better and smarter way of handling small expenditures. Robbert is responsible for the Marketing, sales and PR at AlltoBill.