Pay when you want, not when you need

Don't let your billers determine when you pay! you set the rules with AlltoBill. Get an additional 30 days on any bill settlement by paying with your credit card. It´s only fair.

Paying with your credit card

Credit card providers like Mastercard and Visa give you at least 30 days to pay back your outstanding credit without charging interest. Make use of it in bill settlement!

Pay a bill

Pay bills coming from over 21 countries in EUR and CHF. AlltoBill is active within the European Union and Switzerland.

Pay a bill now

Create your own bill

Use the easy way of having people pay you in time. More than 70% of our payment requests have been settled. Get paid easily.

Create a bill now

Accurate and urgent Bill settlement

Things need to move quickly. Therefore we offer you to pay your bill via our urgent payment run. Your bill settlement is guaranteed to be in next working day.

Does the receiver need an AlltoBill account?

No, they don´t. We make sure your bill settlement is done directly with the biller, seller or supplier. Sounds easy right? It is!

Paying your bills has never been easier

Get started in 3 steps!


Firstly, you can setup your alltobill account by clicking here


Create as new, or select one of your previously created recipients and provide us with the proper invoice reference for your bill settlement.


You are ready to make the payment! We charge a 2.99% service fee (this already include any credit card charges) and process your invoice either in 2 working days (urgent) or up to 6 working days (non-urgent).

With us you can

Send your bills to AlltoBill and we handle the rest. Create your account today and find out how our service can help you or your organisation in bill settlement.

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Organize your bills

Be able to handle outstanding bills in a few clicks, using your credit card.

Track your open payments

We notify you on each step in the payment process, so that you know exactly what's going on with your payment.

Create statements

Be able to create expense statements and track your monthly expense, making sure you are in control of your administration.

Mobile App

Pay bills on the go, using our app straight from your mobile or tablet.

Secured payment

Every payment runs securely and safely via 3Dsecure, making sure that your payments go to the right receiver.

Payments accross borders

Whether it are domestic or international payments, you are able to pay your bills to anyone, anywhere within Europe.