Change the way you pay

What if you can improve your company´s cashflow and bring back administrative costs of settling invoices and bills. AlltoBill offers a simple and fast solution to paying your business´ bills, all possible with your credit card. Did you know that 80% of most business´expenses are costs that can easily be covered by credit card limits? We´d say that that´s enough reason to start using AlltoBill. Try it now.

Your new partner for payments

Companies use AllotBill for costs and efficiency when processing invoices. Gone are the days of inefficient payment solutions.

Safe and fast payments

Payments must be processed quickly. With AlltoBill you can pay your bills within two days with your credit card.

Intuitive and fast

All recipients can be saved in your profile. You do not have to enter the recipient's details again.

Track your payment

Download your personal payments at any time. You can submit your personal payment description for your own administration or your boss. Of course you can follow your daily, weekly or monthly costs. All payments are recorded in the system and you receive a notification of each step in the payment process.

Why use your credit card?

AlltoBill is your solution for handling your business expenses. Incoming invoices or persons can be handled quickly and easily via AlltoBill. AlltoBill offers credit card holders the possibility to directly handle transactions to the beneficiary's bank account.

International payments are possible with AlltoBill

Paying foreign bills has never been easier. With your credit card you can transfer your international providers directly to your bank account. We will notify you every time you change your payment. Pay internationally today from anywhere.

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Pays well in time.

Many companies offer discounts on their payment terms. If you pay us on time, you benefit from your conditions. Pay on time according to the given payment date. Think about how your company could benefit.

Did you know?

Did you know that about 70 percent of invoices are for small expenses? These are costs that can cover credit card limits. Most costs are one-off payments to suppliers or private individuals, which often leads to unnecessarily high internal administration costs and wasted time for you and your company. With AlltoBill you can process these payments quickly and effectively with your credit card. Consider how this can improve your payment process!

No time for complicated online payment services!

All you need is an AlltoBill account and a credit card. Log in to AlltoBill and pay your incoming invoices in a few simple steps.

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All our products

In addition to billing, AlltoBill offers even more interesting products.


With AlltoBill you do not have to wait for payments. Just send your link to your customer and the payment will be confirmed in no time.


Shopping and payment transactions all take place on the same page, reducing the bounce rate.


Use AlltoBill as the ultimate checkout solution for your current online store, marketplace or website.


You do not need to buy an expensive credit card terminal. With us you get one for free! Pay locally, only with your smartphone.


Accept single and recurring donations online. Start your own fundraising campaign quickly and easily.


AlltoBill is the right solution to easily accept online payments via Facebook Marketplace. Start accepting credit cards and selling them within minutes, regardless of your expertise.