AlltoBill & you

Don´t let your billers determine when you pay bill! you set the rules with AlltoBill. Get an additional 30 days on any bill by paying with your credit card.


Pay bill on the go via phone or tablet, or in front of your computer.


Pay bills all over Europe via your credit card and get at least 30 additional days on any payment. Pay now whilst paying later.


Pay bills within a couple of clicks, securely and fast. Settle your bill via AlltoBill for whenever you prefer to pay bill a month later.

Bill settlement within a couple of clicks and a credit card

AlltoBill is the safest way to pay bill online. Our service provides payments throughout Europe in EUR or CHF. You just need to provide us with the receiver’s bank details and you're all set. We understand that there are moments where you need money for other things than to pay bill. Profit from the 30 day payback period by paying via your credit card and get financial flexibility.

Want to send a bill to someone?

Get paid instead to pay bill. Send companies, institutes or people who owe you a bill. Make it easy for anyone to pay you via their credit card. You can now create a bill and send it via email to your recipient.

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Want to request money from someone? Send them a request for transfer. Make it easy for anyone to pay bill to you.

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