Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1) The requirements –  When using AlltoBill, we require two things from you in order to guarantee a successful invoice settlement. 1. your credit card details (You can store your card data in your account, but for security reasons you need to manually provide your CVC code. 2). Additionally we need the recipient’s bank details, invoice details and any other information that could help ensure the invoice settlement.  Use AlltoBill and we will take care of the rest.

2) Paying my bill – to pay via AlltoBill, just login and initiate our “pay a bill” process. Your requested payment is forwarded to us with an included service fee of 2.99%. After the invoice settlement payment is received we make sure to settle your invoice to the receiving party as soon as possible.

3) Account verification –  For your and our safety we would need to know who’s settling invoices with us. You can verify your account with us via your profile.

4) Use correct details in your profile – when you set up your profile, please use your real, full name (no nicknames or initials), real address, real phone number and an email through which we can easily reach you.

5) No cash, no hassle – AlltoBill handles electronic invoice settlement. We accept all the major credit cards as a method of payment.

AlltoBill charges you a small fee of 2.99% per settlement for using our service. The fee is added to the transfer automatically and will not be seen by the recipient. Easy and solid.

Pay a bill:
For EUR and CHF invoice settlements, AlltoBill charges a settlement fee of 2.99%. The total amount will be calculated additionally to the total  intended payment.

Create a bill:
For EUR and CHF invoice creation, AlltoBill charges a settlement fee of 2.99%. The settlement fee will be calculated and substracted from the total requested money.

Depending on your invoice settlement, we can guarantee a purchase to pay process of 2 to maximum 5 working days.

The processing time depends on national bank holidays and weekends which could prolong our processing time.

We might require to do a security check on some of our service requests. This is for security reasons as we want to ensure we are all doing our job in the  safest possible way.

AlltoBill supports invoice settlements within the SEPA realm. We support EUR invoices in, to and from any of the following SEPA CountryIBAN/BIC code.

EUR native currency countries

Åland Islands FI
Austria AT
Azores PT
Belgium BE
Canary Island ES
Cyprus CY
Estonia EE
Finland FI
France FR
Germany DE
Greece GR
Ireland IE
Italy IT
Latvia LV
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg LU
Madeira PT
Malta MT
Monaco MC
Netherlands NL
Portugal PT
San Marino SM
Slovakia SK
Slovenia SI
Spain ES

There are a number of countries within the SEPA realm that have their own currencies.

Next to EUR transactions, AlltoBill currently support CHF invoice settlement to, from and within Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We will continue adding as many currencies of the list below to our service in the near future.

Country IBAN/BIC code Currency code
Bulgaria BG BGN
Czech Republic CZ CZK
Denmark DK DKK
Gibraltar GI GIP
Hungary HU HUF
Iceland IS ISK
Liechtenstein LI CHF
Norway NO NOK
Poland PL PLN
Romania RO RON
Sweden SE SEK
Switzerland CH CHF

Europe – Single European Payments Area (EUR)

AlltoBill offers invoice settlements in Euros to, from and within any SEPA country (some examples are Germany, The Netherlands, Norway and beautiful France and Italy).

Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) – Swiss Franc (CHF)

AlltoBill offers invoice settlements in CHF and Euros to bank accounts in, from and within Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

We are committed to make more currencies available in the forseen future.


What is AlltoBill

With AlltoBill you have the possibility to pay your incoming bills from companies and individuals. AlltoBill is an intermediary company. to understand more about AlltoBill and our services, please read the Terms of use

With all the wonders of the Internet, there are also the risks. We at AlltoBill fully realise this and have built our service around this wisdom. Your safety is our business.

We’ve secured our website and your profile with a strong  HTTPS encryption. Information that is shared and stored on our servers are well shielded. Your payment to AlltoBill is handled via 3Dsecure, making your credit card payment the safest way of payment online.

We value your privacy. For further information on this topic, please check out our Privacy Policy and Customer Agreement via the following links.


Some advise from us to you on phishing. Online fraud is unfortunately a serious threat these days. There are scammers out there sending people request to hand over financial or personal data. Usually, these scammers use names and logos of well known company’s to extract information from you.

We advise you to always be careful when dealing on the Internet. We would also like to inform you on what you can expect from AlltoBill in our communications.

What we won’t do:

  • We will never ask you to share financial information outside of our website or tablet and phone Application.
  • Our E-Mail communications always come from “@alltobill.com” .
  • Any links in our e-mail communication will refer you to our website. Our website always starts with: https://www.alltobill.com, https://www.alltobill.de or https://www.alltobill.ch
  • Contact us if you have any suspicion regarding e-mail or other online communications where you think somebody might be imposting as AlltoBill.

Paying via your credit card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American express and Discover credit cards.

Some requirements on your credit card are that it has to have been issued within the  SEPA region. If you want to make use of our service, we request you to only use a credit card that matches your profile.

It might be that your transaction is cancelled or declined when we notice a discrepancy in your profile and credit card information.

Is there a minimum or maximum that can be transferred?

The minimum amount that can be transferred is 3CHF or 3EUR. The maximum amount depends on your own credit card transfer or monthly limit. AlltoBill can process any payment as long as the credit card limit allows it.

When the transfer may be refused?

If we have a reason to think that you may be engaged in any of the activities mentioned below, we reserve the right to cancel the transfer or refuse to provide our services to you. The restricted activities:

  • Sending money to yourself or providing yourself with cash advance from your credit card;
  • Making payments in exchange for certain goods or services with varying legal status;
  • Using the services for illegal, fraudulent or manipulative purposes;
  • Providing false, inaccurate or incomplete information;
  • Refusing to provide confirmation of your identity or any information that is necessary;
  • Using the Services on behalf of another party.

When the payment may be cancelled?

AlltoBill reserves the right to cancel any payment. In such cases and as permitted by law, your money will be returned to you via the original payment method. AlltoBill is not liable for any liability you may incur, including late fees or penalties due to payments being held, refused or cancelled.


Alltobill’s transfer fees are 2,99% per transaction to any EUR and CHF IBAN bank account, located in the SEPA realm. In case of other International Payments, AlltoBill charges an additional 5 EUR or 5 CHF per transaction.

Additional Notes

Security – All your data is encrypted. Card payments are processed via our secure debit card processor. Although your card number may be saved, the CVV/CVC number is never stored. You’ll need to confirm this every time you make a card payment.

If you have a Visa or MasterCard  credit card, the credit card company’s might charge you a transaction fee separately from AlltoBill. These costs are not included in transaction to AlltoBill and would most likely only be visible on your total credit card statement, provided by your credit card company.

There are a number of reasons why your credit card payment can fail.

If you receive an error message on when making a payment, or after, it means we have not charged you.

Insufficient Funds

It might be that either your credit card limit has been reached, or your transaction rate limit is set to low to make your payment.

Payment Declined By AlltoBill

Payments declined by us can be due to a number of reasons. It might be that your credit card is from a country which we do not support. Also, credit card details must match your AlltoBill account name.

Payment Declined – By Your Bank

Depending on the nature of the declined transfer, it might be that your bank has declined the outgoing payment.

3D Secure Verification

It might be that your credit card is not 3D Secure. If ths is the case, please contact your bank.

Due to bank processing times it might take a while before transfers can be refunded.

In case a transfer should have to be refunded due to an unsuccessful transaction, please contact us via support@alltobill.com or our ticket support system. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Additional handling fees may apply for this request.

Ticket Support

Your account and settings.

You can edit your profile in the account area under “My Account”.

Edit Account

Here we would like to explain how you can change your AlltoBill account password.

In “My Account” click on ‘Password’ and enter your existing password. Now click on ‘change password’ and type in your new password.

You are yourself responsible for the security of your account. Please make sure you choose a strong password.

Edit Password

You can change your email address under the “Edit Account” site.

Edit email address
Add a new Recipient

You can add recipient’s via the ‘Recipients’ page in the left menu bar of your account.  Fill in your recipient details and store the data by clicking ‘save’. Adding a new recipient can also be done in the payment process of Send Money.

After creation you can easily select a recipient for your intended payments. If however, you see the need to delete a recipient, you can do this is your recipient’s overview.

Deleting a Recipient

Deleting a recipient can be done by clicking on the ‘x’ on the top right of the recipient’s box in the recipient overview.

I have created a transfer with incorrect recipient details

Created a transfer with the wrong recipient details? please contact us immediately via our ticketing tool on your account page.


 Some additional information to your payments

After your transaction is completed, it is not possible anymore to cancel your transaction.

If however, there is a situation where a refund would be in order (due to unsuccessful processing of payment for instance, please contact us via Our ticketing tool. Please make sure your bank details are available to us.

Please be advised that receiving your refund can take a substantial amount of time. .  We encourage you to be patient if such a situation occurs. We would need to verify what has gone wrong on our end what went wrong. AlltoBill reserves the right to additional handling/administration costs that may occur in such an event.

A proof of payment is required when requesting a refund on your transaction. We require a photo,.pdf or screenshot from your credit card transaction overview to verify your claim.

The following information is required:

  • Your personal details – We need your name and credit card number.
  • AlltoBill’s details – a reference  to our account number.
  • Date – The date and time when the transaction was initiated.
  • Amount – How much was transferred to us by you.

When filling in your recipient’s bank data, please use the following format:

      • First name and then Last name (for companies, it’s the business name).
      • IBAN number.
      • BIC/SWIFT (when transferring internationally).

If the data is incomplete or not correct, it might be that the bank returns your money to us, therefore resulting in an unsuccessful transfer.

Please make sure that the information of your recipient is always correct.