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    As a specialist in Internet payments and mobile payment, Datatrans supports all electronic means of payment widely used in Europe.

    Still no Datatrans contract?

    1. Request Datatrans offer at:
    2. Select “Webshop” for the request “Offer” and for the desired payment solution.

    Configuration Datatrans

    After conclusion of the contract you will receive from Datatrans a merchant ID and the access data to

    1. In your AlltoBill administration, open the “Settings”> “Payment provider” page.
    2. Select «Datatrans» as the new payment provider




    1. Generate an HMAC key at Log in with the data received from Datatrans.
      Under “UPP Management”> “Security” you will find this key.
    2. Deposit the “Merchant ID” and the associated “HMAC key” in your AlltoBill account.

    1. In your AlltoBill administration, navigate to «Sales pages» and click on «Settings / Editing» at the desired page.
    2. Navigate back to the overview of the sales pages and click on “Display” in the page you just edited. You get to the view for customers:


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