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    • Register for free with PAYMILL using your email address. Open PAYMILL account
    • Confirm your e-mail address to complete the first part of your registration at PAYMILL.
    • Activate your PAYMILL test account. To do this, you must complete an activation form, which you can access via the menu in your PAYMILL account:

    The activation form asks for essential information about your company and your person. This information is used by PAYMILL to create a tailored contract, which you will receive by email and the credit card processing bank behind PAYMILL to grant your approval.

    Wählen Sie in Ihrem AlltoBill Backoffice unter Einstellungen > Zahlungsanbieter > Kredit- und Debitkarten PAYMILL an. Beantworten Sie die Frage “Möchten Sie ein Vertragsangebot bei Paymill anfordern?” mit “Nein”.

    • Now connect AlltoBill with PAYMILL using the link “PAYMILL Connect”:

    • In order for AlltoBill to access your PAYMILL account, you must then enter your PAYMILL login details.

    • Select “Authorize” and your AlltoBill account is now connected to PAYMILL.

    There are certain requirements that your AlltoBill payment website must meet in order to accept credit card payments in accordance with the law and requirements of the credit card industry. Here is a summary of Paymill:


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