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    1. Open an SOFORT account. SOFORT Account signup
    2. Create a new project by switching to “New Project” on the left under Projects and then clicking on the “Create project” button.
    3. Please select the project type “Gateway project” and click on “Create project”..
    4. Configure your project as follows:
      4.1 Select shop system “Other shop system”.4.2 Use the name of your AlltoBill instance instead of the black bar in

    5. Activate the test mode by ticking “Immediate” on the left as well as “Test Mode” on the right. Afterwards you can save your details by the marked button.
    6. Insert the configuration key, which appears under the general settings of your product, into your AlltoBill account.
    7. Test the payments with your AlltoBill account.

    8. Then remove the check mark in test mode and save the change.

    9. You can now successfully receive payments via Sofort.


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